Monday, May 12, 2008


I spread my hands and feel the breeze.
To fly, I wish to every GOD I know;
‘With this passing gale take me along, and tease
Me with streams of air as chilled as snow.
Where humming birds and hunting hawks
Stray ever so free into the limitless enclose.
The sky I wish to talk to it so, closely and near
That, a fall to the floor becomes an insignified fear.’

I spread my hands and feel the breeze.

I sit and wish to a passer by – a lady.
Beautiful and starkly angelic at first sight
Could look at me and shine a gaily
Smile; that would flight me off to the pearly gates.
Where blessed souls and winged spirits
Flow with graceful movements - an elegant sight.
With her to sail on the sparkly waters of virgin seas
Devoid of destinations and directing pleas.

I sit and wish to a passer by – a lady.

I hold my lover’s hands – in rousing bliss.
First drops of rain on her blushing cheek
Roll with a flaunted cheer in its splashing and drips
Off her chin into my palm. As if a thousand kisses
Bequeath on her; Mother Nature in all her love.
Chirps & tweets of crickets and birds, sound out concerns;
As though the sky had fallen off - from above.
My love she sights the innocent calls & smiles off the naive concerns.

I hold her hands with a heart as light as a feather's grace.

My friend you see, freedom is in the now and not to be seeked.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

7 Days away from Her …

The Story:
Far far away, in a forest land, where flowers, trees and animals inhabited in a related together in love and care – Blooming Dale. For each other, they cared and spread both hands. Two lovers – Miraya of the tulips clan and Mannath of the tall oaks stable, of this virtuous city had to bid adieu for seven days. Their love was spoken of for its different shades of kindness and boldness. Today the call of duty, took Mannath away for guarding the walls of the forest.

Day 1:
As the grand army of blooming dale, strode along to protect all its roots, Mannath looks at the distant shine of the city lights and writes his journal for the day.

Although in your absence,
I still felt an air of your care,
In my proxim air.
Awing my thoughts of you,
So fresh, as the freshest flowers,
And the most memorable day dreams.

Day 2:
They splashed through the valleys and rivers en route. Mannath could only reminisce of how the morning dew shined on Miraya’s petals.

I know that you are now
Miles away even for
My wildest adventures of explore.
The rays of lights & sprinkles
Of water talk; of time as only
A reminiscent delay of life.

Day 3:
Bound by duty he started to take control of his strong flowing emotions. He now walks along as though her hands were in his.

Now I walk distances,
Somehow now I am living
Every moment as with you,
For you and by you; only now,
Noticing the worth
Of being with you – Every Moment.

Day 4:
Time is nearing but still far away. His war now wages with fire and lightning, dry and deplete. But he manages to lays off devils discrete discourse in his ears to retreat and run.

Seconds now play a slow game
And test me at a strange game:
The eternal game of love and hate.
Then I passed, with you
At heart, that laid a latent hue
Of the devil off my heart.

Day 5:
They won a tough battle with the help of rain gods and the distrusting swamps. He feels proud of having achieved his duty and dreams of the pride in Miraya’s eyes.

With an objective accomplished
Now I am basking in a satisfaction
Of heavenly proportions. Then I am told,
Of the sacrifices I do for seeing you happy,
Which I live with,
In Proud of every day

Day 6:
He managed to collect on the path back to blooming dale, a sort of mirror stone for Miraya – his love. But it so happened to slip his branches and break up to bits.

Shatters of glass,
Shatter my heart to bits.
But scenes of break have been
Its bread & butter.
You should have seen the smile,
On my face that died – a silent demise.

Day 7:
It ends moments from now. And he waits now for sunshine break, at which they shall reach the gates of blooming dale, where waits Miraya - his love. And then shall end his hardest seven days.

Time now is midnight high; the wait now ends.
Its only moments from now
Will I get to see your sunlight smile.
This now is a delay that seems
Only a blink away
At the dusk of my hardest seven days.

( ... Still being edited ... )

Saturday, May 3, 2008

She paints our lives …

Tell life to take second rung,
As unto you lies a world unsung.
Take sips of the lazy, swift flow breeze,
Strumming leaves on branches to discrete notes.

Gleaming droplets of early fog at sunshine break,
From a windowsill; for you always in drape.
The lazy drop that splits a thousand pieces on fall,
Puts space and time in a suspended stall.

Long tread have many in search of peace,
The Kings, the Peasants and Princes of Greece.
Some though not, but others did find,
Pleasures in songs or spiritual bliss.

Few here absorb right my subject – so beautiful,
Understated, unsung she cares for a us – a ton.
In Morning dew, chirping birds, the wildest lions,
Tall tree oaks and oceans wides, she lives – Mother Nature.