Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Plight of war !

Times of Unhope and distress spread wide,
When breaketh loose, hell’s Mistress on Earth’s crust.
While many action-less, uncouth in passion to lace our souls,
She reigns and maims bodies and souls.

The mistress of hell declares to have achieved a feat,
With her command over lay souls, she defeats
Sometimes true souls in light of Love and Faith,
With her warriors Distrust, Deceit, Pride and Greed.

What began as a bout of a common ego,
Takes a trip that severs ties across obscure boundaries. Some go
To the fields of fray on the whims of others,
Convinced of a better tomorrow with the end of another’s.

Layman ignorance of many a low soul
Have been cause for one too many a gaping hole.
A generation maimed but breathing, in the terror of a moment
Lost in time but scarred in permanence; for another – indifferent!

The plight of War is now one chance to prove,
What for one is Truth and what another may disapprove.
But in this toil between the Mistress and Truth
Be aware though, doeth innocent souls suffer the wrath.

Praying Peace - Arun Raj

[Note: This poem was written around the first year, in 2005, when I realized I could write. It won me a third prize, that I shared with three others, in a college poetry event. A humble beginning, but was a light of hope for me. Hope to be useful with my words going forward. Thanks for following & your honest inputs :) ]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Woman’s Persuasion

Her curls stranded in fidgety fingers
“Your words by no means pardon deserve.”

He takes her arm – reluctance showing,
“My words match not my heart’s pleasure.”

Her qualm reserve striking a frown,
“Your failing resolve is my heart’s displeasure.”

He to goes down on his knees - in a light laugh,
“Bequeath your heart - unto me, & I pledge otherwise.”

A ray of light settled her eyes to a long blink,
“So you promise – to never let me down?”

Raising himself, his eyes – sparkling in hope,
“To my best breath – till it lasts with strength!”

She stood along in a silence,
“There is a meaning to the words I say.”

And He - in his pleading best.
“Hidden in that evasive smile of yours.”

In a claiming stance, she holds his arms,
“And in every word I wish the audience in you.”

- Arun Raj

The woman always has the last word.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eve teasing (Indian Context) : Personal opinion

Eve teasing, as I see it, spans from simple eye-balling (staring), to more verbal confrontations and physical assaults. I see eve teasing, in the Indian context, as stemming from the sheer ignorance of the aam-Indian household's stigma about sex. The hypocritical nature of post-colonial Indian ideologies juxtaposed with globalization presenting alternative worlds to our 'conservative' junta, distorts the craving / need for understanding the most basic of our instincts – the need to breed, pure hormonal drives. The suppressing of such hormonal drives and not being able understand feelings I deem as a latent motivator to the expression of these drives through media like brothels, dance bars & eve-teasing. This instinctive drive making men vulnerable to such deep cravings and drives them to explore these feelings.

This craving is natural and equally certain to be possessed by men from the most refined families of the societies to the men of lowest end of income levels. It's just the expression that is different in different levels of men. In the former type of men, there is a standing fear of the consequences of expression of their instinctive drives and it out pours in more uglier forms* than the seemingly malignant expression of the latter type*. The former then train themselves towards suppression & thus towards more kinky & silent closed door affairs. The socially lower placed men are however free of most fears possessed by the higher level counterparts and under-informed of consequences their actions tending to more explicitly presentation of their feelings.

I agree to the fact that you find men from all levels of society are involved in a certain amount of eve teasing. But then, is it not noticeably more so from the men of lower income levels. Also, more so it is the younger lots that are again much more active in such expressions.

From this viewpoint, I feel that eve-teasing could be necessarily cured or corrected through band-aid activities like penalizing men that indulge in such activities or assaulting them in any manner. This I feel will have counter-productive implications such as the men needing to express their superiority by taking aggressive & ignorant views to the many laws try to suppress them. However, I would not deny the need for these laws but raise more attention to the rehabilitation & correction post the identification of people who break them.

In this light I would like to take eve-teasing as a subject that needs a more holistic approach that starts from having children being educated in such a manner to be respecting of their female counterparts, sex education becoming a compulsory subject, parents being counseled into talking to their children about the subject, correcting the existent methods of treating & rehabilitation od the law offenders and also use other more creative modes of spreading the message across to the people.

~ Arun Raj

* MMS Scandals, Molesting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, teenagers indulging in sex (Delhiites say 49-55% females have had sex before they are 18), etc.

** The thought is still incomplete & I am open to clarifications. There are many things I still need to frame into words that are missing here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Into the light we all go !

Notice - far away, a distant shrill
Cry of a child - a mother await.

A taken signal, a beggar child
Awaits a giver - generous and fly.

Wishful thinking - a child in catching stance:
'I shall be the hero, with this one in hand.'

'Dare you!' A kindergarten tot to another tries;
To climb a tree or be called - loser shy.

A returning father, his wage in hand
Hopes a day - better shades than gray and white.

A labor hand - tired on a strenuous day;
Dreams - 'When I would not have to work!'

A working mother, rushes home
Thinking wild: ‘All my chores, and a family's wails.’

Standing by - her children, counted three!
Each hand and arm full of trying screams & moans.

Two lovers pass - unfazed by life,
Their chemistry loud, resounding of objective lies.

A few friends’ standby - catching a smoke,
Telling tales - an expedition in the recent past.

Standing in ovation, to a politic try;
A keen crowd in loud hope - A better tomorrow!

A fight breaking - a shallow cause,
Another mob thrilled asks ‘What’s the issue?’

The last leaf - in a trailing breeze,
Lingers on - showing hope to a lost passer by.

A cricket's cries - unnervingly loud,
But its harmless size, an excuse to life.

A day passes by - each one in motion
Towards a destination or finding one;

Towards an answer or answering one;
In song, in love, in devotion or all.

The poem is about life around us, silent but lived. The sounds are as loud as your intent and honesty to see and listen to them. Hope you like it :) What else do you see ?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waking up to emptiness

I could not have been clearer in thought than this morning. The reality sparkled as though the first ray of a dawning sun - evident of a new day's beginning. Beyond all the random clutter that spread across the vacuum of my incomplete life's distorted reality perceptions, it now sparkled clear.

Every breath I took in I reminisced about what I had become – a resounding lull sustained with endless logic and reasoning. And in the lull, I stood helpless - What could I do now? In my inability to take a heart's stand on a truth that now appeared as clear as the purest form of faith - I lost her! I had failed myself!

Time was one enemy - a tough adversary, always at its fighting best. I lost the silent war that we all wage with Time that builds false bridges between life’s desires and truth. In time I lost clarity of desire and truth, in time I lost strength, in time We lost faith.

And thus, unlike every morning I knew today, I was waking up to a disturbing emptiness - without her and her assurance of a brighter day beside me. The only other person that could understand my heart's swelling discomfort had His hands full with a world full of people just like me - confused and incapable of clarity to action. I was one of them, but now in clarity I had lost time.

The morning settles into a day as the world wakes up to its attempt at finding clarity and here I stand pleading for another chance at my lost Love. In the search of an answer now I stand helplessly as a dog to its master for food - food to fill a wailing, blank & hungry heart.

Image Courtesy : Luke Chueh

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reflecting on a Smile

If your smile were the light
That shined the testing paths
Along the treacherous walks of life,
I would gladly walk along.
As if it were just a path
Of flowers and lazy petals - un-paced.
I wish you were mine then,
For the known and unknown eternity now
to only see your smile
sparkle my everyday with love.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A broken heart's song

A broken heart wishes hard,
To mend itself from a few broken shard.

Tears of blue blood,
In fear of the next stray sword.

Slayed by pain of wrought memories,
I own a mind fray in vain worries.

The last fall sparks a distant cue -
All the play & games, ends in an unfair rue.

I hold on to a tiny thread of hope,
Lying await for your words of love speak to drop.

I push harder in a stray hope
To make you feel my silent hope.

My last wish now, I wish a little harder;
To stop my broken heart's leak!

~Arun Raj

Friday, May 8, 2009

Men, take your Women more seriously !

Conversation after conversation that I have engaged with women I have been privileged to have the company of in my life, I have observed one thing : the innate power of a woman to endure pain – physical and mental, is by far unmatchable by men. And this I feel makes them more divine than human. If most of them have learnt to live with it then it is not out of feeling physically insecure of surviving without men, but an ability to see things beyond a man's sensibility can perceive – unconditional love.

Observe this in their fights and protests, they will always prefer to not cause pain and any induced suffering. In complete contrast would be a man's position, which is then to take to arms and battle it out. Very few men have been able to understand the value of the women to the society and stand for there cause – Gandhi, Vivekanada, Periyar, and many others. Even though to date their efforts have brought great relief to the oppression on our women, but still the silent battles rage daily.

In the process of natural evolution, the women have by design had to endure a cycle of recurring pain, unimaginable by us men, from – the menstrual monthly cycle to the agonizing physical pain of carrying and delivering a child. And, they take all this in continuity with a smile and very often say 'Oh it nothing!' Add to this a brain that is able to reason and rationalize, they can then only take the pain with a pinch of salt and accept it as is.

Be it your mother, sister, friend, girl friend or wife, they all endure this with minimal protest. It was destined that the women were the ones who had to bear the burden of sustaining us. Their wombs are the holy grail of our existence. Imagine if all the women went on strike!

And when they expect a little sensitivity from our end, it becomes difficult for us to put forth. Is it that we as men presume we are the ones that are tougher and more capable of handling pain? A rare broken arm, a wound or a punch clot is only a one time pain. Imagine then if you had to have a finger broken on your good hand every month?

Beyond nature's bestowed responsibilities of sustaining our species, if that was not a challenge enough, they had to be enforced with another challenge! They now also had to become - by definition of society and communities by us men – the keepers of the moral system. Think about it, who really defines these values & systems!

They had to restrain their sexuality and chastity, while the men could then wander around defining their own moral system. They are trained and conditioned by resolved force, to restrain their desires and drive to express, so as not to add to competition in a man's world. But a man, questions and reasons at every chance he gets to find and establish his expression above all other. And he is presumed to be the one with the greater understanding of the intricate system of right and wrong.

In religion and all forms of belief systems, there are a larger number of women who engage to sustain these systems. But then again when it comes to religious leadership, it has then to be the men who lead from the front. The messenger of God almost always has to be a man, the woman then is only 'bestowed with the honor of bearing the child'. Ironical but true!

In a Hollywood or Bollywood flick, the damsel has always to be in distress and the man has to come and protect her. Especially in Bollywood flicks, the damsel is almost always a character with minimal depth of character, is good for two things – dancing to a raunchy item number or crying 'help' while the villain scurries her away. And if you take a middle-eastern movie, to identify a woman you have to look for the long burkha robes and would always be found as a silent acceptor of commands and orders; as if a soldier stand covered in full camouflage.

A deeper look into countless other traditions, perceptions, belief and systems followed by us will indicate that there is a sub-conscious desire of the system to somehow suppress women, as though they are a threat.

Today we are at a relative peak of crimes and acts of violence against our women. We are in fear of separation from our women, for they could not protect themselves. I feel us as men need to take a greater responsibility towards our Women than to just secure them physically. We need to give them an equal opportunity to see the world the way we, as men, see it – The World of Opportunities to Express! They sure deserve it and I believe more than we do!

These words are in the honor of the many great women that I have been honored to have loved and lived with as friends and family and their ever-flowing rivers of love. A special note to my Mom & two lovely sisters – Veena & Vidya!

Again, to the all the men out there take your Women more seriously!

(Image Credits: AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life, Time & a Doubt

While wondering about the relationship of time to life and the consequences of the variants of the existential dilemma we all go through in life, I could not help but conclude this.

Life is a consequence of time and time a consequence of an existential doubt.

I saw the existential doubt as an apt metaphor for the daily doubts and conflicts we keep having, which is summed up pretty simply by Shakespeare as ‘To be or not to be’. Most of our doubts, daemons and conflicts can be categorized as 'Should I be myself or conform by expectations form me?' or 'What if I do this and what if I don't?'. And in the process of this of conflict spend a great amount of quality time.
TIME then becomes the consequence of the EXISTENTIAL DOUBT.

On Existential doubt, one of the founders of this philosophy comments:

What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do, not what I am to know, except in so far as a certain knowledge must precede every action. The thing is to understand myself, to see what God really wishes me to do: the thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live and die. ... I certainly do not deny that I still recognize an imperative of knowledge and that through it one can work upon men, but it must be taken up into my life, and that is what I now recognize as the most important thing.

Søren Kierkegaard, Letter to Peter Wilhelm Lund dated August 31, 1835

Since time passes by and the life of any person is then the chronicle of all activities that happens around this time, we have LIFE as a consequence of TIME.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Father’s Devotion

We at Prayas to date have successfully admitted and processed more than 35 children to a better state of academic schooling than what they had previously. Recently, during one of those admitting sessions, we had compulsorily asked the parents to join their children to the school for the process. Five children along with their mother and father came along even though it was already time for the parents to go off to work.

The admission process began with a few questions about their family and other details. One excited child stood there, as she was asked questions by the principal, clutching onto and playing with her skirt. She stood there part smiling and part confused while she abruptly glanced at him. Then, I noticed him!

There stood a father, next to his child. From his expressions I noticed that he could have been deeply contemplating and calculating the outflow of his monthly wages towards his child's education, the bills, the food, etc. In the moment that froze in front of me, his eyes wandered unsure & perplexed while he picked up the 100Rs notes and started looking empty.

I stood there frozen, looking at him flip through the few hundred rupees in his wallet and I could not help but reminisce some difficult moments in the life of my own family. He reminded me of a time, when my father had to loan and plan hard to pay off the monthly school fees at our school. This was even after having a friendly discount of fees at the school which was run by a good friend of Dad. And now, here is a person who is a slum-dweller, not by his personal choice, but because he could not afford any better. He still had the same flame as my Dad, to be able to have a good education for his child.

My Dad has worked hard in his simple job as a Bus Driver for 25 years, as it has been now. There was a time when he had to work two jobs in shifts - one from 7AM-5PM and another from 10PM-4PM, 5 days a week to sustain the money flow to keep us afloat. When, he returned home after his first shift I used to see him rushing upon dinner to catch up a nap before he left. An unconditional devotion that I have revered since the moment I realized it and to date more than any God or person.

The child on the other end picked up her glossy new books and copies. The twinkle in her eyes was similar to what I had felt when I got my new books for the year. An innocent admiration splashed her face with a smile growing as she flipped through each colorful book. I was suspended in time in that moment of nostalgia and then a reminiscent deep gratitude for my Dad. I could notice a tear forming in my eyes but then I held it back for I wished not to ‘make a scene’.

The father-child relationship in our society is one that is rarely talked about, compared to a mother-child or other family relationships. I feel it is somehow presumed that fathers are strong and emotionally in control and their expression of angst at a child's low grades, annoyance at small home issues and other daily concerns, is an expression of establishing control? And thus, not worthy of an emotional expression but can only be a more logical, need based expression!

A father’s devotion to his responsibilities is a silent expression of what is most important to him. He is not emotionally expressive other than in anger. But then I feel, we should respect his silent devotion and ‘cut him some slack’. His everyday is a fight with the world and its numerous frustrations to sustain his family with his best efforts.

And so, with this I conclude my little ode to all fathers – good or bad, but still devoted to their responsibilities. I love you Dad!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living off a Cliff – My Cliff Jumping Experience

As I was pulled towards the ground, a strong and unfamiliar type of fear had taken me over. The support under my feet had just vanished for a few seconds and it felt like that moment in itself was a teacher of Buddha proportions. I had jumped off with the expectation of a different consequential fear that the height had spurred in me as I had a fear of heights, but now I felt another fear. The fear as I felt now was more akin to a state of insecurity and then of being connected to a force beyond my mortal control.

The cliff though was only 20 feet high still gave a good 3 seconds of free fall before you landed. As the rafting experience and its multiple rushes, gushes & twirls had not enthused me, I was growing disappointed as it was almost the end of the 12 mile stretch. While I was not in a mood to try this part of the experience (Cliff jumping), that I had paid for, a voice inside me roared onto me and drove me to give it a try.

I climbed the cliff which was now crowded by a bunch of people who wished to experience the thrill of the jump. As I climbed now, the voice inside my head that squeaks & squeals at the thought of a height and consequentially numbs out my feet turning it cold, cried to be let alone, but the experimental & adventurous part of me found an empowerment. The empowerment came from the fact of nature that ‘Everything that has a beginning has an end!’

I saw a few others jumping off and especially noticed this great friend of mine (Darshan) preparing for his second jump and soaked to his every goose-bump on the rush that he got from the moment. A lovely lady I know (Aakanksha), who I had felt had a strong adventurous streak about her pulled back abruptly right before my turn had come. With that, the squealing voice inside me got louder for the final two seconds before I finally jumped.

I was saturated in the rush of the moment with so many voices in conflict and excitement. The moment had now come, and then, I launched myself. Now as I fell towards the water, my fear of height somehow ceased to exist, but then, this new fear that had released its pangs into me. I was being pulled by a force I could not fight towards the ground and I lost my sane senses which knew that there was a life jacket protecting me from drowning.

The first second doused my adventurous spirit in fear. I felt heavy as if my feet were tied to a mountain and I was dropped from the highest point on earth that was humanely habitable. I was now waiting fervently for a foot holding, a chance to kiss the earth and secure myself.

In the next second, I grew to accept the fact that any consequence was inevitable. I started losing hope now and expecting the inevitable to happen. I started to gain the power to let myself loose and feel the moment.

In the third second, I felt the force that I realized and came to terms with that which was beyond my control and let myself to its mercy. And, by the time I was splashing lower into the water now, I was feeling enlightened and a sense of liberty from my mortal conflicts. I now felt closer to God and a peace that was unparalleled.

And now that I look back to that moment, I have come to learn and accept with much more conviction of the need to let go and live the moment. Being able to experience life, beyond our own blindly assumed and presumed acceptance of expected outcomes then, is as important as breathing in air into our lungs. The assumptions and presumptions have limited our scope of possibilities and we all need to douse them and look beyond them to the world of unlimited possibilities – The land of hope and faith.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Separated by A Forlorn Strait

In a waiting stance, he waits and waits –

For her and her’s only love struck stare.

To be he wishes, but wishes deny,

In her arms to lay and sleep - in peace!

To be he wishes, but a forlorn strait

Stands between them; reluctant it blows!

“Oh! Let me flow through thy trying flows,

To reach ashore, where my love awaits!”

To the Strait he prays louder and louder,

In her arms to lay and sleep - in peace!

Her eyes strain beyond the forlorn strait,

In failing Hope, but she would wait.

A distant beacon dims and shines

As her heart wails and wails.

A storm broke, a year from now;

Across the forlorn strait it spread. “Take

Me around this storm, for I can no longer take

This unending wait, oh forlorn Strait!”

To the strait she hollers, louder and louder,

As her heart, wails and wails.

The strait spoke, with lightning strikes fray,

“My passing by has caused your heart pain;

My frivolous waves have crushed your boats;

And still, a year now, you stand and plead.”

Their Hope unfrazzled, unfettered still shone

Through the storm’s eye & unsettled Him.

Great many romances He had broken;

But this one was so different - so full of hope.

He then stood silent as the skies cleared, and spoke,

“And still, a year now, you stand and plead.”

- Arun Raj :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Marriage is a tough move :)

Each time I attend a marriage ceremony an hear the vows of commitment, surrender and eternal love, I am only confused further. I cannot help but laugh at my own naivety, at a point in my life, a while back where I thought I was ready for marriage :P I then look at the faces of the bride and groom and I wish to get into that sacred knot myself. But the fear of giving myself completely unto someone then strikes me inadvertently as a sense of losing myself.

They say that guys generally tend to have this sense of relinquishing control before marriage and there are a good number of movies too that present this state of mind of men like 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects' for example :)

I can then only honestly, go hats off to these people who commit for a lifetime and wish them happiness throughout their married lives and wish that I too get somebody I could relinquish control to - unreasoned.

Love, Marriage & Happiness :) Wow !

Wishing a happy married life to a dear friends - Kannan & Himani :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

God has given me two eyes - One to look at you and One to look inside you.

Why did I feel that? I have always felt that people are inherently good. I truly and deeply believe, there is somewhere deep inside them a lost innocence and beauty, as if a new born baby - peaceful, naive and calm. A state where doubts, fears, worries & discontent dissolves into inexistence. Actions here are not influenced or intimidated into being, they are but following a natural course of life's happenings.

Abstract and confusing is it? Yes, because you may feel you have not felt this exact state or will never be able to feel it. But you may not be correct in presuming that fact.

  • Notice and observe the precise moments before you drift into deep sleep after a day of hard work. When all sounds around you, however disturbing they may be, would not be able to upset your tired drowsy eyes shutting down.
  • Notice that peaceful moment when you wake up early in the morning as the sun rises and a gleaming ray breaks through and pierces your eyelids as if a blessing in disguise. You feel fresh and blissful.
  • The moment you lie on your mother's lap to shed a tear or rest a while. When there is a peace, a sense of security inexplicable in any of our spoken languages.
  • Remember the peace you feel when you look at a new born baby; sleeping as if lost and unconcerned of everything around it. 

In that moment of peace you are who you really are; away from the deamons & conflicts that consume each of us. Very few moments in life do we truly feel and experience this peace. (Tell me of any more if you wish to share) 

And so I feel blessed & humbled today that I have two eyes. So, I can use one to see the discomfort and discontent of your immediate self that makes you suceptible to anger, fear, doubts & discontent. I can see the pain and feel it at times because I myself am nothing but like you, may be lesser. Then I use the other eye to see through, to your peaceful self full of goodness, love and undisturbed bliss. I see that you can live in peace with yourself to start with and then the world at large. 

We are all in this search to find this peace, but still it manages to evade & fail us when we need it most. But why must it be so? In the search for this peace, we at most times associate wrongly with material pleasures and immediate cravings of our bare instincts lust. In the search for this peace, we associate this search wrongly to our unending wants and desires, to find ourselves dis-satisfied and lost, as they cease to satisfy us for long. In the search for this peace, we follow paths we may not trust. And, now we are lost in our own undoing, in displeasure with the state of our existence.

If you are here then I can see you. If you are here then He can see you. If you are here then you need to see Him. My eyes can only see the two sides of you but not help you find your true self. My eyes can only tell you that you need find a way to go deep through the bushes and thorns that you grew around yourself and find the light of peace inside you. 

I wish now only that you find yours and I wish to be able to keep mine for as long as I can. 

In an honest search for peace ...

- Arun Raj

PS: I am open to a counter, questioning & thrashing (if so need be) of my ideas and thoughts. Do you still have a question of how my eyes are able to see inside you? I will be answering this in the following posts. With this post I implore you to explore inside yourself and listen to yourself.


* There are ways to sustain and relish this peace whenever you need it or for eternity. You would not be able to accept it if I tell you this. But then this is the only solution - DETACHMENT, MEDITATION & FAITH.

** Most of my influence is from the Bhagvad Gita's conversation, J krishnamurti, Gandhian Philosophy, the presentation of Jesus in the Bible & pure interest of finding the evasive inner peace.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Prayer for You

I wish for you today - The sun shines 
Brighter for you, unlike any other day - before today. 
With harps of hope strumming to odes 
Of certain times of love & happiness ahead.

I wish for you today - A friend long lost,
Shall come back; to your surprise and heartfelt elation. 
And bring back those memories of summer days,
When you shared a cool lemonade or two.

I wish for you today - Strangers that smile
Unreasoned & unfettered. Let the birds & passer-by's 
Sing for you unbound; expressing their joyful excitement 
With placid thoughts in faith of our silent lord - almighty.

I wish for you today - A cup of tea;
You could sip by a placid street; that flatters your senses
To an instant churn of dancing temptations. 
I wish you a sip –a stolen moment, with you and yourself.

I wish for you today – A satisfying day; as it ends
Full of wishes fulfilled. A day as it ends in the light 
Of a starlit sky Where dreams are only reality doused 
In vivid colors, onto the canvas of life and its inconspicuous gifts.

I wish you sleep today, in assurance of a better day 
Tomorrow; where right’s and wrong’s are beyond you and are just 
Decisions you make which doeth not control who you are.
I wish for you today – Let tomorrow be a better day than today.

- Arun Raj

Monday, February 2, 2009

A spot for you ! - (Digitally Rendered)

In an attempt to blend poetry through typo and art digitally and through canvas into a blend that let you truly enjoy the expression. This is my first attempt. Am considering working on more of these :) May be someday I will have a bunch of these selling out :P

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So you are lost? - Then DANCE !

There are times in life when we just need to let go. There are things that happen to us which are completely beyond our control. No matter what we do to counter it, it just tends to happen eventually. Then all our efforts towards stopping it seem futile and we lose hope. Here comes that over/under-rated superior being we all, with all due respect, call GOD.

Being lost in contemplation, deep in the worry of things beyond our control we fret and panic at simple things. Daily activities seem like a chore and hope seems dead and beyond reach. Being here is the most difficult part as whatever another person tells you, you are just not able to hear it. You are lost in the noise that your incapacitating worry has caused you. 'Where am I?' a voice inside you cries out in search for an answer.

You are but only ripe to hear a simple, lost voice called the inner voice or the voice from inside you. Some also comfortably call it - The voice of God, even others that call it the 'heart's calling'. Be it whatever you call that voice, this is the only way out for you. But then, you ask - How do we let the voice out into the audible & perceivable realm? Again, simple - Just Dance it out!!!

Think about it when do you dance or even better why do you dance? Dancing relieves you and sets you free to be. Dancing leaves you happy at the end of it.

The way you perceive - Dance, can be taken both literally and virtually; however you may feel comfortable. Dance through spreading happiness; dance through giving in kind to the needy; dance in the love of the gifts you have received past & present; Dance in the love of God. Dance like no one is watching. Let the true you get an expression of being. Shake a leg and boogie a little!!!

There is nothing you really need to worry about as what is destined shall happen. You can only do your best and look forward. For in reality there is no space or time for the one's that complain and say 'I can't!'.  As they say in the Bhagvad Gita - 'Sambhavami yuge yuge'. What has to happen shall happen and will keep happening.

So if you are wondering why I am preaching, I would say it is for all the people I love who are lost and seeking direction. I am a believer and practitioner of most things I profess. And I can assure this to you – “If you Dance your heart out, then life will be filled with the brightness and beauty as in a flower in full bloom.”

With Lots of Love :)

Arun Raj

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Chocolate Theory

The Origin of the Chocolate Theory:

Ok chocolates are known to be sinful indulgence and an aphrodisiac. I have been a loyal & indulgent fan of chocolates and enjoy every moment spent from opening the wrapper to relishing the last bit of it with complete surrender. And so while in a silent moment of centered & focussed indulgence, it struck me one day - the 'Chocolate theory', as if an apple on Newton's head. How uncanny but similar is the nature of Chocolate to the nature of the human Feminine?

The Theory states that: "Chocolate & the human Feminine have a resemblance in its existential definition. Chocolate's nature may, based on prominent characteristics be extrapolated to the nature of the human feminine. The feminine nature prominently reflects certain scientifically proven pleasures & consequences of the consumption of Chocolate which we will see in the flow of this theoretical blogumentary about the Chocolate theory. "

Here is an interesting commentary on the pleasure of devouring a bar of chocolate:
There is something almost sinful in the pleasure you get as you unwrap a piece of chocolate and place it in you mouth. It is shinny almost satin appearance, the smooth feel of it melting on your tongue, while the taste spreads and tickles your taste buds. The aroma drifting up to fill your senses with the special pleasures only rich, sweet chocolate can give you.

The sensation of melting healthy chocolate speeds up your heart beat and increases your brain activity. The chemicals in the chocolate react with the chemicals in your body. All this combines to give you feelings of pleasure and well being.

It is like wrapping your brain in silk. Giving you relief from the stress and pains of everyday life. Chocolate does contain chemicals that act similar to pain killers and antidepressants. So how can you be hurting or down when you have that wonderful taste and feel of chocolate melting in your mouth. *[1]

Most of us would concur to this depiction and relishing of the experience consuming chocolate. Now let me give you a simple representation of the same sequence one slight change:
There is something almost sinful in the pleasure you get as you unravel the mystery that is a female and experience that first kiss. A smooth and almost satin appearance, the supple feel of her skin when you touch it, a tingle jerks your senses and fills you and the touch of lips that tickles your taste buds to feel how she tastes. Her fragrence drifting up to fill your senses with the special pleasures only a sexy, well-endowed & lovely lady can give you.

The sensation while touching her warm body speeds up your heart beat and increases your brain activity. The chemicals in both your bodies driving you to a world lost in a state of suspension of boundaries and life. All this combines to give you feelings of pleasure and well being.

It is like wrapping your brain in silk. Giving you relief from the stress and pains of everyday life. Love is an emtion that generates chemicals that act similar to pain killers and antidepressants. So how can you be hurting or down when you have that wonderful feel of femenine love melting in your heart.* [2]

Now, What are these 'pleasures & consequences'?

Important Positive effect on health - Maintains the circulatory system:
  • " Chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure, however the potential beneficial health effects of eating chocolate. Cocoa or dark chocolate benefits the human circulatory system. Other beneficial effects suggested include anticancer, brain stimulator, cough preventor and antidiarrhoeal effects." **
  • The caring Feminine nature in its different forms Mother, wife, girl-friend & sister also sustains the daily cycle of activities of a man from washing clothes, cooking food, etc. - the daily circulatory system of a man, which manages to run by itself.
Another Important Positive effect - Pure Pleasure:
  • " Chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure. A sinful indulgence." Cocoa in ancient aztec language meant 'food for Gods'
  • The human feminine similarly an abode of pleasure. Pure pleasure in ways, I would prefer to leave to your imagination than to my limited scope of thought.

Negative Effect on Health - Obesity:
  • "The major concern that nutritionists have is that even though eating dark chocolate may favorably affect certain biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, the amount needed to have this effect would provide a relatively large quantity of calories, which, if unused, would promote weight gainObesity is a significant risk factor for many diseases, including cardiovascular disease. As a consequence, consuming large quantities of dark chocolate in an attempt to protect against cardiovascular disease has been described as 'cutting off one's nose to spite one's face." **
  • The feminine nature has this natural tendency of showering so much love that you fill up with it and get sick. The unreasoned jealousy, the curious questioning, disregard for all that you feel is worth something, etc :P Directly reflects the state of obesity in which the love of chocolate or food consumption increases the chances of you falling sick & naturally being sick of it.
Another important consequential Effect of Consumption:
  • "Romantic lore commonly identifies chocolate as an aphrodisiac. The reputed aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate are most often associated with the simple sensual pleasure of its consumption. Additionally, chocolate's sweet and fatty nature may stimulate the hypothalamus, inducing pleasureable sensations as well as affecting the levels of serotonin. While serotonin has a pleasurable effect, in high concentrations it can be converted to melatonin which in large amounts reduces sexual drive. :O " **
  • The feminine although once you are lost in its lure pleasures you at the initial phase of consumption. But then once it goes beyond that phase then your head gets eaten to a level where you do not have time to have a thought about sexual drive. You have to fit into their moods, temper & tantrums which leaves your sex drive to dry.

As stated above, I believe I have captured atleast the visible but uncanny semblance of the natures of both Chocolate and the human Feminine. Both have the powerful ability to sensually arouse you as a man and drive you misdirected in their fragrance. Surrender is necessary to truly enjoy them and the more the raw the more the taste. 

How do I use this theory to my benefit?

As I briefed in the depiction of the human feminine in worded prose in [2], you would have related to the pure sensual pleasure that the human feminine transcends onto the male. When I see a woman - well-endowed, pleasant appearing, sharp featured & well-mannered; I can't help but run the sequence [1] and extrapolate the same replacing the Chocolate with that woman.Wrecked nerves & gushing blood to the heart which races, sending up the heat on all dormant senses. And then you are lost as though the world has just stopped around you.

I enjoy this very experience and feel that the human feminine is really chocolate - too much of it can harm you. But then the human feminine like chocolate is available in so many packages, varieties and flavors. So what I like to do is simply to go into this chocolate factory of life and taste all the possible varieties and flavors. I would really not want to regret that I had missed to taste atleast the best of the lot :)

- Arun Raj
"With due respect to all the lovely ladies I know and all others I am yet to know!"

** Refer Wikipedia note on Chocolate
*** This theory is open to debate and counter arguements. Please also feel free to spread the word and get as much thrashing for this as possible.