Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So you are lost? - Then DANCE !

There are times in life when we just need to let go. There are things that happen to us which are completely beyond our control. No matter what we do to counter it, it just tends to happen eventually. Then all our efforts towards stopping it seem futile and we lose hope. Here comes that over/under-rated superior being we all, with all due respect, call GOD.

Being lost in contemplation, deep in the worry of things beyond our control we fret and panic at simple things. Daily activities seem like a chore and hope seems dead and beyond reach. Being here is the most difficult part as whatever another person tells you, you are just not able to hear it. You are lost in the noise that your incapacitating worry has caused you. 'Where am I?' a voice inside you cries out in search for an answer.

You are but only ripe to hear a simple, lost voice called the inner voice or the voice from inside you. Some also comfortably call it - The voice of God, even others that call it the 'heart's calling'. Be it whatever you call that voice, this is the only way out for you. But then, you ask - How do we let the voice out into the audible & perceivable realm? Again, simple - Just Dance it out!!!

Think about it when do you dance or even better why do you dance? Dancing relieves you and sets you free to be. Dancing leaves you happy at the end of it.

The way you perceive - Dance, can be taken both literally and virtually; however you may feel comfortable. Dance through spreading happiness; dance through giving in kind to the needy; dance in the love of the gifts you have received past & present; Dance in the love of God. Dance like no one is watching. Let the true you get an expression of being. Shake a leg and boogie a little!!!

There is nothing you really need to worry about as what is destined shall happen. You can only do your best and look forward. For in reality there is no space or time for the one's that complain and say 'I can't!'.  As they say in the Bhagvad Gita - 'Sambhavami yuge yuge'. What has to happen shall happen and will keep happening.

So if you are wondering why I am preaching, I would say it is for all the people I love who are lost and seeking direction. I am a believer and practitioner of most things I profess. And I can assure this to you – “If you Dance your heart out, then life will be filled with the brightness and beauty as in a flower in full bloom.”

With Lots of Love :)

Arun Raj

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Chocolate Theory

The Origin of the Chocolate Theory:

Ok chocolates are known to be sinful indulgence and an aphrodisiac. I have been a loyal & indulgent fan of chocolates and enjoy every moment spent from opening the wrapper to relishing the last bit of it with complete surrender. And so while in a silent moment of centered & focussed indulgence, it struck me one day - the 'Chocolate theory', as if an apple on Newton's head. How uncanny but similar is the nature of Chocolate to the nature of the human Feminine?

The Theory states that: "Chocolate & the human Feminine have a resemblance in its existential definition. Chocolate's nature may, based on prominent characteristics be extrapolated to the nature of the human feminine. The feminine nature prominently reflects certain scientifically proven pleasures & consequences of the consumption of Chocolate which we will see in the flow of this theoretical blogumentary about the Chocolate theory. "

Here is an interesting commentary on the pleasure of devouring a bar of chocolate:
There is something almost sinful in the pleasure you get as you unwrap a piece of chocolate and place it in you mouth. It is shinny almost satin appearance, the smooth feel of it melting on your tongue, while the taste spreads and tickles your taste buds. The aroma drifting up to fill your senses with the special pleasures only rich, sweet chocolate can give you.

The sensation of melting healthy chocolate speeds up your heart beat and increases your brain activity. The chemicals in the chocolate react with the chemicals in your body. All this combines to give you feelings of pleasure and well being.

It is like wrapping your brain in silk. Giving you relief from the stress and pains of everyday life. Chocolate does contain chemicals that act similar to pain killers and antidepressants. So how can you be hurting or down when you have that wonderful taste and feel of chocolate melting in your mouth. *[1]

Most of us would concur to this depiction and relishing of the experience consuming chocolate. Now let me give you a simple representation of the same sequence one slight change:
There is something almost sinful in the pleasure you get as you unravel the mystery that is a female and experience that first kiss. A smooth and almost satin appearance, the supple feel of her skin when you touch it, a tingle jerks your senses and fills you and the touch of lips that tickles your taste buds to feel how she tastes. Her fragrence drifting up to fill your senses with the special pleasures only a sexy, well-endowed & lovely lady can give you.

The sensation while touching her warm body speeds up your heart beat and increases your brain activity. The chemicals in both your bodies driving you to a world lost in a state of suspension of boundaries and life. All this combines to give you feelings of pleasure and well being.

It is like wrapping your brain in silk. Giving you relief from the stress and pains of everyday life. Love is an emtion that generates chemicals that act similar to pain killers and antidepressants. So how can you be hurting or down when you have that wonderful feel of femenine love melting in your heart.* [2]

Now, What are these 'pleasures & consequences'?

Important Positive effect on health - Maintains the circulatory system:
  • " Chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure, however the potential beneficial health effects of eating chocolate. Cocoa or dark chocolate benefits the human circulatory system. Other beneficial effects suggested include anticancer, brain stimulator, cough preventor and antidiarrhoeal effects." **
  • The caring Feminine nature in its different forms Mother, wife, girl-friend & sister also sustains the daily cycle of activities of a man from washing clothes, cooking food, etc. - the daily circulatory system of a man, which manages to run by itself.
Another Important Positive effect - Pure Pleasure:
  • " Chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure. A sinful indulgence." Cocoa in ancient aztec language meant 'food for Gods'
  • The human feminine similarly an abode of pleasure. Pure pleasure in ways, I would prefer to leave to your imagination than to my limited scope of thought.

Negative Effect on Health - Obesity:
  • "The major concern that nutritionists have is that even though eating dark chocolate may favorably affect certain biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, the amount needed to have this effect would provide a relatively large quantity of calories, which, if unused, would promote weight gainObesity is a significant risk factor for many diseases, including cardiovascular disease. As a consequence, consuming large quantities of dark chocolate in an attempt to protect against cardiovascular disease has been described as 'cutting off one's nose to spite one's face." **
  • The feminine nature has this natural tendency of showering so much love that you fill up with it and get sick. The unreasoned jealousy, the curious questioning, disregard for all that you feel is worth something, etc :P Directly reflects the state of obesity in which the love of chocolate or food consumption increases the chances of you falling sick & naturally being sick of it.
Another important consequential Effect of Consumption:
  • "Romantic lore commonly identifies chocolate as an aphrodisiac. The reputed aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate are most often associated with the simple sensual pleasure of its consumption. Additionally, chocolate's sweet and fatty nature may stimulate the hypothalamus, inducing pleasureable sensations as well as affecting the levels of serotonin. While serotonin has a pleasurable effect, in high concentrations it can be converted to melatonin which in large amounts reduces sexual drive. :O " **
  • The feminine although once you are lost in its lure pleasures you at the initial phase of consumption. But then once it goes beyond that phase then your head gets eaten to a level where you do not have time to have a thought about sexual drive. You have to fit into their moods, temper & tantrums which leaves your sex drive to dry.

As stated above, I believe I have captured atleast the visible but uncanny semblance of the natures of both Chocolate and the human Feminine. Both have the powerful ability to sensually arouse you as a man and drive you misdirected in their fragrance. Surrender is necessary to truly enjoy them and the more the raw the more the taste. 

How do I use this theory to my benefit?

As I briefed in the depiction of the human feminine in worded prose in [2], you would have related to the pure sensual pleasure that the human feminine transcends onto the male. When I see a woman - well-endowed, pleasant appearing, sharp featured & well-mannered; I can't help but run the sequence [1] and extrapolate the same replacing the Chocolate with that woman.Wrecked nerves & gushing blood to the heart which races, sending up the heat on all dormant senses. And then you are lost as though the world has just stopped around you.

I enjoy this very experience and feel that the human feminine is really chocolate - too much of it can harm you. But then the human feminine like chocolate is available in so many packages, varieties and flavors. So what I like to do is simply to go into this chocolate factory of life and taste all the possible varieties and flavors. I would really not want to regret that I had missed to taste atleast the best of the lot :)

- Arun Raj
"With due respect to all the lovely ladies I know and all others I am yet to know!"

** Refer Wikipedia note on Chocolate
*** This theory is open to debate and counter arguements. Please also feel free to spread the word and get as much thrashing for this as possible.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

True Love is taken by hard work, not made in heaven !!

The Patao Secrets is a series I have wanted to start for a while but did not get the right topic to begin it with. Then, finally I found it and here it goes ... True Love is taken by hard work, not made in heaven !!

I have always wondered why people are ignorant or lazy enough to not work towards finding the right person or the 'love of their life'. Its difficult to convince many to even work beyond what they think is right with finding a soulmate. While some say it is about waiting for the right woman/man, another says its about love at first sight, and yet another that feels 'who gives a damn, if somebody likes me the way I am them its fine.' 

Is it the fear of failure trying or is it the fear of losing love or is it just no interest in putting effort into trying that girl or guy that they like (lazy in a way)? I say its all and mostly a mix of the above reasons. You might have observed sometime that the bad guys get the good girls and vice versa. But have you thought why?

Its about a full-hearted effort that transcends beyond shells of doubts, confusion, fear of failure which can not only win hearts but also make them loyally aligned towards you for a lifetime - mostly called True Love. True Love arises out of efforts that are undemanding, giving and consistent efforts at keeping the other person happy. Now, this is true for all forms of love - paternal, maternal, sibling, friendly & any other that I may have missed listing.
 Love also does not happen by chance. 
There will surely be one set of people who feels that true love is serendipity (happens by pure chance). I believe chance and luck are for lazy people who feel life will be offered to them on a platter. The true winner is always that person who prepares for an opportunity and is aware and ready to grab it (will talk in detail about this in another blog). Love also does not happen by chance. 

In seduction theory, they say every victim, for a seducer, has something missing in their life that can only be completed by another person. If you are able to meet this requirement for somebody & somebody can meet yours then there is your love. Like a child needs its mothers attention when its an infant or like brother or sister that is exactly there to save you when you need them. This is applicable very much for a woman & man's love for each other. As parents, siblings & friends move on with life and you need to find that one somebody who can fill in their gap.

So if you have sombody that you like go ahead ask him/her out or just talk to them. If there is sombody that you love but have not been able to tell them so but you think you have given them your best - tell them about your love. Don't waste time. If it does not work out there is clearly something not right and you need to keep confident to finding that right companion. Because, the right companion does not just happen by chance, they happen by effort, observation and then consistent compassion unbounded.

Let me know what you feel :)

- Arun Raj 

PS: I do not defy the fact that its about a balance two individuals, but I am infering that if you can do it from your side only with such compassion then any heart will melt. In love, think only as much as necessary. Overthinking will depress you, causing confusion, jealousy, and a myriad of other issues. I myself have had a couple of aching heartbreaks but I still believe love is about - Try, Try, Try again ... :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A spot for you !

Deep into this night I have reached
A spot in my dreams reserved for you.

Silence broken by a cricket’s might

A distant owl’s cries echoes and dies.

With you so far – a few physical miles,
But a heartbeat away, there u stand;

As I close my eyes – tonight,

I just wish for you and only you.

I slip into a dream so vividly real
Love lanterns light, surreal sights.
Oh, dreams they are; I wish were true.
In your dreams I shall float this night.

You & I, tangled with our eyes & sight
Lost in the gardens of the seventh haven.
Pearly petals of jasmine, dancing
Along tulip meadows in a spring summer breeze.

So deep I am, lost in your sight so awed,
That I wish and hope not to wake and lose
This sight that pleasures me, of you –
A divine sight; now I wish for you and only you.

~ Arun Raj ~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What if you caught your best friend sleeping with your girlfriend?

Today morning I woke up with some remnant images of a dream/nightmare - is up to you. I could only laugh as I woke up and recollected the images. I am not sure what I was laughing at - Was it my inability to counteract in that moment in the dream or Was it because I could not able to believe it could happen or Was it how I would really have taken it?

Sigmund Freud said ... "a dream, if understood correctly, could lead to a greater understanding of the dreamer's subconscious." This thought put me into a fix. Why? you ask ... Here's the dream ... 

There we were the three of us - myself, a lady that I had an a really high level of interest for (let's call her Tina for now) and one of my best friends (lets call him George, and george did know about my interest for Tina). I am sure about these two by the way I felt about each of them. After a late night party, we were all off to sleep at my place. The next thing I remember is waking up to the smell of coffee and the sight of two half naked people in my kitchen. I guess I was fortunate enough that they were not making out in front of me.

And then George with an interesting grin turns at me and says 'Hey man! Ho gaya ding dong!' and he was still smiling. Surprisingly, I did not react but felt real wierd inside myself in the dream while she also stood along and had a slight smile on her face. A knot blocked me up but did not manage to express itself. But finally it did, I was also laughing! ... And then I woke up.

Sigmund Freud's idea on dreams then came back to me ... Was it the fear and insecurity of my girl not being faithful to me that led to the manifestation of such a dream. Then, did my reacting in such a way - of laughing it off, reflect my real time reaction in such a situation? 

What would you have done? ...